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Jennifer W.

*"Update: still going and getting great treatment. Great friendly place. I'm already feeling so much better after 2 weeks. They really want to help you feel better. Would highly recommend this place."

Emery P.

*"Came here to solve my tickborne illness issue and I don't know where I would be without the help of the team here! My mom and I would go to our appointments together and it honestly changed both of our live for the best with the thorough testing and treatments!"

Dave M.

*"Kind and knowledgeable staff; Clean and new facility/equipment; They deliver results. I came here in pain and barely able to bend my back, after completing the therapy plan I felt better than I had in 20 years. Thank you."

Tanya P.

*"I've got to say everyone there is amazing! So nice and caring. They help me so much! My whole back is a mess and they always fix me up and have me feeling better when I go. Definitely give them a try."

J. Buck

*"I don’t think I give any place a five. But I would give this place definitely a 4 1/2. Very happy with Dr. Province. She did testing on me, found so many food intolerances and so many issues that I have been dealing with for probably 25 years. I thought I was just going to the chiropractor when I went to this place and it has been so much more. A good functional medicine doctor can change your life. As far as the Chiropractor part, there’s several there and so you might get a different one each time. But overall, I’m glad I chose to go here."

Cole N.

*"I have been to multiple Chiropractors over the years and Dr. Province and her team have been the best experience I have ever had. They take the extra steps every visit to ensure that your needs are met. I would recommend Dr. Province and Integrated Medical to anyone!"


*"Started my treatment 6 weeks ago, I was always tired and feeling depressed, so far my mood has improved and the mind fog is gone, I can focus more at work and my family has noticed my health improvement."

Noah T.

*"Normally I dread going to any kind of doctor’s office but the team here is always happy to see patients and is always friendly. Would very much recommend integrated to friends and family."

Toni S.

*"Integrated Medical had taken great care of our family for years. They are super flexible on appointments and allow us to walk in when needed. They always have great recommendations on alternative treatments or further medical imaging/testing when necessary."

Lisa A.

*"Integrated Medical is top shelf self care. everyone is friendly and professional. miracle workers ❤️‍ . they use a combination of methods to optimize spinal alignment ; crack , zap ⚡, sound 🔊, needles 📌. also doing hormonal balance ⚖️. apparently i needed more testosterone ♂️. plus, right off the bike trail 🚴🏽. they do need bike racks though. but the park next door has them."

Katie C.

*"Been coming here for a few months now and am enjoying it. Everyone is nice. Excited to keep coming and continue to feel better and better."

Jennifer S.

*"So I have been coming a year now. My back is in great shape Even lost 30lbs. The staff is still super amazing! Thank you to the whole team!! I have always been terrified of going to the chiropractor every since I was a child. This place has changed my mind completely. I have servere scoliosis and just found out. We have a plan to get my straightened out and now I'm excited to go to the chiropractor. The whole staff makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommend!"

Melissa M.

*"This place is a wonderful location and work so well with you. They treat you like family and everyone gets to know you right away making you feel like you are wanted. You are treated like a person not just a client."

Bethany B.

*"I love that each time me or my kids check in, the front staff is always welcoming and greets us by name. We all visit for different health reasons and goals. Your treatments are truly individualized to your needs here."

Allesha B.

*"I have been going to integrated medical for about a year now and it's been the best decision I've made with my care. I would recommend them to anyone. Their staff is absolutely amazing all the way around."

Tommy M.

*"I started going here after they helped my wife and other family members with their pain issues. The staff is amazing! Been going for over a year and the quality of life just keeps getting better!"

Mack C.

*"Great Staff! I have been going to Integrated Medical for 10+ years and have always been satisfied with my results. Great adjustments , knowledge in physical therapy , and nutrition."

Jeremy M.

*"Best in NWA. Professional, Experienced, detailed plans to align to your specific needs. Flexible and I truly believe the staff cares!!!"

Darcy B.

*"Just finished one of the best sessions with my friends at Integrated Medical, these guys are the A Team of pain management. I’m a million times better since I started treatment with Dr. Alex and his team!"

Skye H.

*"Dr. Province has completely changed my life. I have felt so bad for so long and she has worked with to figure out exactly what’s wrong and come up with a great treatment plan to help me get better."

Martha S.

*"Back and neck feeling better than it has in years. Love the idea of treating the problems and not the symptoms, which in turn eliminates symptoms. Exactly what NWA needed!"

Carlinda P.

*"I love this place! They take really good care of you and are committed to getting to the root of the problem. They are patient and actively listen to your needs so that they can better serve you. I came in a skeptic and now I’m a believer! I have not felt this good in years! I have gained way more than I ever imagined! And this is just the beginning! And now my son comes here, too, and loves it!"

Homero R.

*"Been coming here for my back problems I’ve been having for years, they have reduced the pain tremendously and probably have the best staff out of medical centers in NWA"

Phil D.

*"I have been coming to Integrated Medical since before they were called Integrated Medical. This is a fantastic place. I first started coming here for really bad headaches, neck, and back pain. Every doctor that I would go and see before I started coming here kept trying to diagnose me as being depressed when I wasn't. I am relatively pain free now and they keep me going with my normal in and out visits. I would highly recommend Integrated Medical to anyone."

Dustin C.

*"I've been coming here for a couple years (on and off) and have always been treated uniquely, with care and specific treatment. The staff is super friendly and always helpful. They are constantly looking for ways to help you feel better, no matter how big or small the pain. I definitely recommend stopping by no matter if you think you need it or not!"

Tyler E.

*"I'm over the moon about the care I've received at Integrated Medical so far. I live an hour and half away, but it has absolutely been worth the drive. I found Integrated Medical after being involved in a car accident a few months ago, and had pain that wasn't resolving. There were chiropractors and physical therapists closer to me, but none that provided comprehensive therapy like I've received at Integrated Medical."

Diane M.

*"This place is amazing. They have been so helpful to me, my mother in law and husband. Truly a great much of people. You will feel comfortable and welcomed. They will go out of the way to make sure you are satisfied."

Darci J.

*"I have been a faithful client for over 13 years since moving to NW AR! Not only do I trust the staff with my chiropractic care, but my entire family's as well! The Physical Therapy & Chiropractic teams helped me recover from a shoulder injury! I was SO THANKFUL to not need surgery after that! I THANK GOD for placing this clinic & associates in my path & I HIGHLY recommend them all the time!!"

Linda H.

*"My experience has been extremely satisfying . The pain has subsided quite a bit and I am able to do things now that I was having problems with before such as household chores and grocery shopping. I am getting more flexible and stronger every week. I am also getting a better nights sleep because I am in less pain. I would highly recommend Integrated Medical."

Vaughn C.

*"I, my wife, three children, and infant all go to Integrated Medical/ Wulf Chiropractic for acute pain, maintentenance, and general wellbeing/ preventative care. The staff have always gone above and beyond to be flexible and to meet our needs in a kind and courteous way. I have tried at least five other chiropractors in the area and Dr. Pearl at Wulf Chiropractic consistently is able to adjust me and provide relief better than anyone else."

Anne B.

*"I cannot say enough great things about United Medical. After years of back issues I can now freely move. I am pain fre as well. I like the complete treatment I have received. PT, Chiropractic for complete care."

Rachel C.

*"I have had the best experience here. My pain has decreased for the first time in my life and I feel wonderful! The doctors and staff are super nice. I would definitely recommend for anyone who needs pain relief."


*"I started my treatment in January, All was going well till 02/15/17 when I had a Truck accident. This pretty much eliminated the progress that I had made. So we started over with a new treatment program which progressed quite well till 03/29/17 and Yup, I had another vehicle accident. Well this aggravated my initial Low Back Pain, and the progress was "out the window". "

Charles H.

*"Been coming here for years. Can't believe how much better I feel and able to do things again! Great experience and everyone is very helpful!"

Danny R.

*"The staff has been wonderful and patient with me. They listen to what I say about my pain and give me advice on how to relieve some pain. It is a slow process but I have notice some relief after only five days. I really appreciate their help."

Tanya C.

*"I've been coming for years! I just love the staff and the care they have provided me. I've had lots of issues that they've been able to correct with ease. I highly recommend them!"

Curt H.

*"The Professional and Knowledgeable Staff made my first Chiropractic experience enjoyable. Their flawless execution and planning is something to behold. Outstanding work, I would recommend them for anyone having back pain."

  • Andrea E.C.

    *"They are an amazing place to go. Very friendly compassionate people. Love them all in this office and I would refer anyone to them."

    Brioni G.

    *"Great staff. Janet is an excellent physiotherapist. And Dr Province is a chiropractor who not just treats but listens and treats. Amazing progress."

    Brigida V.

    *"I used to wake up daily with headaches before I started coming here. They took the time to find the cause of my headaches rather than giving me medications to treat the symptoms. I can't remember the last time I had a headache anymore."

    R. Michael P.

    *"This place is awesome. I have been coming here for years. It keeps my migraines in check. They also keep me adjusted and working."

    Johnny G.

    *"Came in with severe neck and arm pain, after 2 weeks I'm almost completely pain free. Great staff very courteous and friendly. I highly recommend."

    Chris E.

    *"Wonderful people, wonderful service!"

    Jesse L.

    *"This is a amazing medical facility they listen and help you with any pain and they treat you like you are stupid or push you when you clearly are in pain."

    Steve S.

    *"These guys are awesome. I have had chronic lower back and neck pain for months on two separate occasions. After following their recommendations I am pain free. It works!!!"

    Dee R.

    *"Wonderful and attentive care by all of the staff! They have help myself and teenage son with back and shoulder issues. Highly recommend!!"

    Darrel W.

    *"I have really enjoyed my experience here!!!!!"

    Judy W.

    *"I am very happy to have found Integrated Medical! I have a host of health issues, many of them have no cure. I have rheumatoid disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, severe stenosis on the right side at L1 and L2, bulging discs in my neck, IBS and congestive pelvic syndrome. It goes without saying, my immune system is low."

    Rachelle R.

    *"The most friendly, loving team of health care family. They go above and beyond their duties to make you feel better and a part of their family."

    Janai E.

    *"I have been coming here for a couple of weeks and I have improved alot. I have been suffering with migraines for 3 years....i haven't had one in 3 weeks! I have also been doing the detox program and it is hard but I can see a difference in my body and energy level. I am looking forward to what the future holds for my body."

    Jason H.

    *"Great staff and very helpful. Always listening and taking care of patients. Thank you!"

    Lauren B.

    *"I was a little skeptical at first, but Dr. Pearl and Dr. Province have been amazing and have helped make this such a smooth pregnancy while/after taking care of the nerve pain I was experiencing because of baby."

    Susan C.

    *"I have had serious, dibilitating back issues, and this fabulous team here has made such a tremendous difference in my life with treatments."

    Cb M.

    *"Friendly workers and easy to see results"

    Crystal S.

    *"These men and women are great! They genuinely care about your all over wellness and are so kind!"

    Sandra B.

    *"Friendly great people, always willing to help by any means at their disposal. Great place to go."

    Stephanie R.

    *"Love the staff here, they actually care about getting you back to being able to function as person. They listen to what you have to say and care about how you're feeling. They have done wonders for me and I would highly recommend them."

    Mary C.

    *"Wonderful experience. Very helpful crew. Really helped with my back pain."

    Ashleigh W.

    *"I absolutely enjoyed working with everyone during my healing process from an accident. I definitely will be coming back for any aches and pains that I may have in the future."

    Matthew M.

    *"First time going to a chiropracter and I'm very glad I came in here. Everyone is very nice, welcoming, and understanding."

    Dawn W.

    *"I have been a patient of Dr. Wulf for 16 years for maintenance of migraines and mild scoliosis in low back. I have recommended his clinic to many people over the years because I am a more than satisfied patient."

    Niki H.

    *"Staff are amazing. They are always so kind a d helpful."

    Brenda K.

    *"Very Nice and caring people. Take good care of you."

    Jesse R.

    *"I have been coming here for years and will continue. Great people, great treatment!"

    Cameron H.

    *"I had some back pain so I called up integrated medical. They were able to get me in immediately to evaluate and adjust me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.""

    Janna M.

    *"I have loved my time at this office and I am much healthier for going."

    Grace T.

    *"I am impressed with the help with things that I thought I would have to live with."

    Wendy Z.

    *"They are amazing they are fixing me up after being hurt in a car accident."

    Amanda J.

    *"I came to clinic feeling awful and Integrated Medical worked with me and walked me through my treatment."

    Richard G.

    *"This place really helped my back pain issues. Love it."

    Mikki H.

    *"Professional service, friendly, and great atmosphere!"

    Aly H.

    *"They're super kind and have really helped with my back pain."

    Cheryl W.

    *"Wonderful experience in getting my health back on track."

    Kit-Kat H.

    *" Everyone is so sweet and I love coming here."

    Marji P.

    *"They have been phenomenal with my care and recovery!"

    April D.

    *"Got me back to running after injury! Highly recommend!"

    Jacob l.

    *"I love this place and it is helping me feel great"

    Gwen W.

    *"Great team of caring medical professionals!"

    Dominique H.

    *"Been coming here since 2011 and they have away taken care of me."

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